General construction work

We could not only develop an artistic and visionary side like interior design, but we also needed to develop our skills to put these ideas into practice. Over time, we have dedicated ourselves to building a team of construction specialists. From civil or commercial construction to design or maintenance, we have the solution.

Our construction department acts both on its own as a stand-alone entity and as a support department in cases where their expertise is required. There is no small or big challenge for this department. We are simply passionate about everything that means building and this passion is found in the quality of our finished product.

We constantly invest in the continuous training and professional development of construction team members. We believe a real professional should recognize and accept that we live in times where innovation is present in all fields, and this innovation must be embraced and assumed.

Starting from these prerogatives, our team is always up to date with the latest trends in the construction field, which positively influences both the quality of the work and the efficiency of the implementation.

Quality and insurance

The role of general contractor that Business Land Construct holds in most of the projects makes us morally compelled to have a focused attitude to offer the best value for money.

Autostrada A3 Bucuresti Ploiesti
Autostrada A3 Bucuresti Ploiesti

Some of our projects

Highway Bucharest – Ploiesti

We worked at this project on Bucuresti – Moara Vlasiei sector

The pension with bears

For “Hanul Cu Urși” in Romania, we worked at the car park, english garden, sewage treatment plant and much more.

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